The Viking 200 Cardboard Boat Challenge was held on July 30, 2011 at Sundancer's Restaurant. There were 15 boats participating, nine of which finished the race. The weather was perfect for a cardboard boat challenge! The crowd was enthusiastic. Kevin Mathews from radio station WCOD did a live broadcast from the event.


1st Place, and winner of the coveted Rubber Duckie Award:  Viking Boat     Time: 1:18

2nd Place:  Jack in the Box , all the way from California                                Time: 1:26

3rd Place:  Smitty's Ice Cream                                                                      Time:  1:58

4th Place:   Double Trouble                                                                          Time:  2:00   


5th Place:   Orca II                                                                                        Time:  2:37

6th Place:   Lickers III                                                                                   Time:  2:40

7th Place:   Hold the Mayo                                                                            Time:  2:51

8th Place:   Stanley                                                                                        Time:  3:37

9th Place:   SS Breezy Knoll                                                                          Time:  5:10


Also competing were:


Boston Bruins

Sand Dollar III

Barbie & Ken

Merlin Copy Service

Dave the Plumber

......and the Most Outrageous - Happy Parrot



Best Design Award:            Double Trouble, Mark Burgess

Best Team Spirit Award:     Boston Bruins, Malo Family

Best Boat Name:                Hold the Mayo, Porcaro's Deli

Most Artistic:                     Jack in the Box, Jack Mazer

Most Outrageous:              Happy Parrot, Sundancer's


Most Spectacular Sinking Award goes to the Boston Bruins crew. Despite the loss of the vessel they saved the Stanley Cup!


The Traveled Furthest to Compete Award goes to Jack Mazer who built Jack in The Box in California, and brought it with him as oversized luggage!


Winner of the Grudge Match: Lickers III, What's the Scoop Ice Cream


Thank you to Cape Cod Sail & Power Squadron for their participation and support. SPRAY was our official committee boat. Captain Ed Ruckle, aboard SPRAY, cruised along with Past Commander Michael Leyden setting the 200 yard course. Captain Ruckle, along with Hal Petersen provided search & rescue for those unfortunate souls who’s vessels sank. Mary Lou Walsh greeted boat crews at the check in table and assisted the LeydenTeam at awards presentation. Charles and Gail Burke were the official photographers, and provided over 500 shots of the race, grudge match, and awards ceremony! Lee Johnson did a fantastic job as Dock Master, getting the boats in the water, ensuring not too many people were on the dock, and assisting boat crews debarking their vessels.


Special thanks to:

Kevin Matthews, WCOD, for doing a live broadcast during the race

Don Howell, Emcee Extraordinaire

Cape Cod Vikings: James Cole, Bettie Garrison 

Ray Garrison


Charles & Gail Burke

Curtain Shop

Deirdre Leyden

Lyn Solomon


Our judges, who must remain anonymous for security reasons

Sundancer's Restaurant

Bass River Cruises

Merlin Copy Service

Barbo's Furniture for cardboard

Cloutier Supply for cardboard


Thank you all for being such a valuable part of the Viking 200, The Experience of a Lifetime!


Viking 200 2011 slideshow prepared by Deirdre Leyden